Regarding my zines

The prices include full cost of printing, shipping & Paypal fees. I almost get no profit from making it, rather, I enjoy sharing what I took time to make with you guys.

Shipping is worldwide via Japan Post. Average shipping duration usually takes 2-6 weeks, longer or shorter depending on the season or where you live. Processing before shipping out takes 5-10 days. Manually printing, organizing and shipping it out as a student!

Please take note that refunds are not accepted. In the case you don't receive your zine in time or if you have any special requests, feel free to contact me!

Don't forget to carefully read each description!

Out of Stock Items
If the item you purchased is out of stock, your order will remain processing while we notify you via email. From there we offer you a few choices, such as a full refund or the option to wait for your item to be restocked. In the event that your item is permanently out of stock, we will automatically issue you a full refund.

Import Taxes and Custom ChargesĀ 
We are not responsible for any import taxes or custom charges. The possibly of this occurring is very unlikely. Most, if not all, of our items are sent individually to avoid any taxes or charges.

Lost or Stolen ParcelsĀ 
We are not liable for lost or stolen mail. Please make sure the address you provide during check out is the correct one! If you have provided the wrong shipping address, please contact us right away. If your order has not been processed and shipped, there is still a chance to correct this error. If a tracking is given and it says that it is delivered but you have not received your package yet, please wait until the end of the week or a few more days to be sure that the mail is missing. Sometimes the post office may have a scanning mistake or misdelivered so please be sure to contact your local post or ask your neighbors first. Because we have proof of shipment and delivery confirmation, we will no longer be held responsible with lost or stolen mail. Please be aware of this once purchasing.

Other Mode of Payments

If you live in the Philippines, payments for BDO or Chinabank are also accepted! contact me for more information.